Memberships on sale July 1.

As Much As You Like

Basic Membership
A revolutionary new way to attend RSO concerts.

• Attend all Masterworks & Pops for $9/mo. in Bronze seating, $19/mo. in Bronze-Plus.
• Save over 50%! These sections are regularly priced at $32 per ticket for most concerts.
• Choose to receive your tickets in advance, or just show up to see if seats are available.
• There's no need to renew each year. You'll have access to Masterworks and Pops concerts.
Or you may cancel at any time.

There are a limited number of Memberships available. Order now!

All Masterworks and Pops programs are included in the Basic Membership, with a choice of day for some (repeated) programs. Touring performances, special event performances, and other performances by RSO musicians are not eligible for Membership admission.
As Much As You Like

Basic Membership

What does "as much as you like" mean?
Starting at just $9/month, you can come to any or all of the concerts included in the Basic Membership. When you join, you have the choice to receive your tickets prior to each concert, or you may simply show up for the ones that fit your schedule.

Which concerts, exactly, may I attend with my Basic Membership?
All Masterworksseries and Pops series concerts are included with your Basic Membership. In 2014-15, Tours, special events, and other concerts featuring RSO musicians are not included.

Is the price of my tickets already included in my monthly Membership dues?
Yes! Your monthly Membership payment covers your ticket to Masterworks and Pops, there are no additional charges to attend.

How do you collect my monthly payment?
We auto-bill your credit card or debit card every month. Visa, MasterCard, and Discover are accepted.

When will my credit card be charged?
Your first monthly payment will be charged within one weekday of the day you join. Each subsequent monthly payment will be charged on the same date of the month as your initlal payment.

I just ordered my Membership. When may I start attending concerts?
Join now, and you'll be eligible for the next concert Masterworks or Pops concert. Join now and become a member. You may cancel at any time.

Will my credit card be charged during the summer when there are no RSO concerts?
Yes, in order to guarantee your Membership and your seating, your Basic Membership is ongoing - throughout the year. You may cancel at anytime, or do nothing and continue to enjoy Masterworks and Pops concerts from one concert-season to the next. Keep in mind, if you cancel, there are no guarantees regarding seat availability should you choose to join later.

If a concert is repeated on multiple days, which performance may I attend?
You choose. For programs that are repeated, you'll have the option of the day that suits you.

This is such a great deal. What's the catch?
There is no catch! Just join, have your monthly payments auto-debited from your card and you'll see a new committment to accessible live music! We only ask that you help spread the word and invite your friends.

Will I have reserved seats, or may I walk into a concert at the last minute?
You have your choice. When you join, you choose whether you want your seats reserved and mailed in advance, or not. You may find it more convenient to not keep track of tickets. Of course, seating is subject to availability, so choose "advance reservation" for a guaranteed seat.

Can I buy a Membership for more than one person?
Yes! You may order a 1, 2, 3, or 4-person Membership online. If you need more than 4, call our box office at 540.343.9127.

Am I guaranteed a seat?
Yes - for guaranteed seats, choose "advance reservation" when you join.

Okay, I chose "advance reservation." Will I have the same seats for every concert?
If you chose "advance reservation" when you joined, we will make every effort to give you tickets for the same seat(s) for each concert in each venue.

If I don't like my seats, will you exchange them?
Yes. The RSO Box Office is flexible. If we can make you happy, we will!

What if I can't make it to a concert for which I have a reserved ticket?
If you have a reserved ticket in hand, and you cannot attend that concert, please turn back your ticket(s) so that others may attend. Turning back your tickets is easy. Call our Box Office at 540.343.9127.

May I bring friends to the concerts?
Yes. The best way is to order a multi-person Membership - you'll pay much less per ticket and you can use the 2nd or 3rd membership-ticket as you wish - to bring a different friend to each concert...

Have additional questions?
Please contact us at or 540.343.9127, and we'll be happy to assist.

RSO Box Office Hours:
Monday - Friday: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
See Holiday closings on our Contact page.

All artists, programs and Membership policies are subject to change.