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Alma Ensemble
Alma Ensemble
Boones Mill, VA


Not available until Spring 2024
Alma Ensemble
Contemporary Classical Chamber Music
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Alma Ensemble is a classical chamber ensemble that focuses on performing and commissioning works by female composers. Founded by flutist Sarah Wardle Jones, clarinetist Michelle Smith Johnson, and pianist Erica Sipes, Alma Ensemble is dedicated to championing women in music, connecting with audiences, and and promoting music education. Born from a desire of the founding members to create music that is empowering and personally resonant, Alma Ensemble regularly performs chamber music by women composers while exploring performance practices outside the traditional classical paradigm. As part of their mission, Alma Ensemble also actively commissions and programs new works by women composers.


Dancing Hands
“Dancing Hands” is musical story time experience for schools and libraries featuring Margarita Engle’s book, “Dancing Hands – how Teresa Carreño played the piano for President Lincoln.” and celebrates the power of music and diversity. “Dancing Hands” traces one immigrant girl’s story, whose talent and musical voice had the power to offer peace to the President of the United States and to others during troubled times. The program features pieces from a variety of rarely heard composers and supports the story of this beautiful book.

Additional Programs
Master classes, workshops, and performances available for grades 9-12.


Educational Concerts
Alma Ensemble guides students through basic musical concepts such as pitch, tempo, dynamics, in an engaging and fast-paced program of diverse composers.