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A.D. Herzel

A.D. Herzel

A.D. Herzel

Blue Ridge

Specialty: Organic Abstraction

A.D.’s art has been exhibited in several states across the U.S. and overseas in Korea. Herzel’s work won the Directors Choice award from the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art in 2022.


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Alexandra Leonetti

Alexandra Leonetti, Artist

Alexandra Leonetti


Specialty: Still Life and Portraits, Painting

Alexandra’s award-winning pieces have been displayed across the east coast. Alexandra has taught art for several years and is currently an adjunct professor at Radford University, in addition to her full-time painting career.

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Allyson Goin

Allyson Goin, Artist

Allyson Goin


Specialty: A variety of art styles

Allyson is a life-long local of Roanoke and is currently in her 23rd year of teaching art at William Byrd High School.


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Avni Patel

Avni Patel, Artist

Avni Patel


Specialty: Sculptural Jewelry

Avni has used her artistic abilities to educate local and international students. Her jewelry designing has aided movie sets and organizations like Women for Women International.


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Dan Kuehl

Dan Kuehl, Artist

Dan Kuehl


Specialty: Mixed Media

Dan is a local artist of Roanoke and art educator at Patrick Henry High School, where he is dedicated to connecting students to the world of art.


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Janet Wimmer

Janet Wimmer, Artist

Janet Wimmer

Blue Ridge

Specialty: Impressionist Painter

Janet is a professional artist and private studio instructor. Some of her most prolific work includes over 500 paintings of the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway.


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Jon Roark

Jon Roark, Artist

Jon Roark


Specialty: Realistic Pre-Renaissance Painter

Jon is a recently retired art teacher from Heritage High School. Jon’s influential student project “Keys to the Hill City” brought colorful pianos to the streets of Lynchburg.


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Kay Sutherland
Kay Sutherland, Artist

Kay Sutherland


Specialty: Impressionistic Painter

Kay has been a professional artist, devoted to and obsessed with the creative process for 25 years. In addition to creating, Kay teaches art in studio and private settings


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Kelly Prim

Kelly Prim, Artist

Kelly Prim


Specialty: Realistic Expressionism, Painting

Kelly has worked in schools in the Virginia area for 10 years. She is currently an instructional assistant at Cave Spring High School. Her art is primarily inspired by her background in science and biology.


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Ken Pease

Ken Pease, Artist

Ken Pease


Specialty: Music Inspired Folk Art

Ken Pease is the beloved art teacher at Harding Avenue Elementary in Blacksburg, VA. In addition to teaching, Ken’s professional art work has been displayed in Virginia, Florida, Tennessee, Illinois and Nevada.


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Stephanie Klein-Davis

Stephanie Klein-Davis, Artist

Stephanie Klein-Davis


Specialty: Free Form and Mixed Media

Stephanie is a professional photographer and teacher of photography in the Roanoke area. Although Stephanie is most comfortable behind the camera lens, she is dedicated to her recent studies in painting.



Steven Kenny
Steven Kenny, Artist

Steven Kenny


Specialty: Baroque Surrealism, Painting

Steven has been immersed in his art career for 38 years and counting. Steven’s art is recognized internationally across the U.S., Europe, and Australia. In 2021, he won the People’s Choice Award from the Floyd Center for the Arts.


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