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Terra Voce
Terra Voce
Crozet, VA


September: 12, 14, 15, 19

October: 5, 6, 10, 24, 26, 27

November: 21, 28, 30

Terra Voce
Classical Chamber - Mixed Styles
Minimum requests needed to secure booking: 2-3


Terra Voce concerts feature the ensemble’s arrangements of Brazilian choro, contemporary tangos, Irish, Scandinavian, and Eastern European traditional sets, works by Baroque masters and standard compositions written specifically for flute and cello. Terra Voce also offers programs with the internationally acclaimed pianist Maria Yefimova, combining works from their duo repertoire with trios from the classical repertoire.


Musical Opposites

Elementary Program | Grades PK – 5
Terra Voce’s “Musical Opposites” program is a lively and engaging concert experience designed for elementary school students (Pre-K to 5th grade). The duo of cellist Andrew Gabbert and flutist Elizabeth Brightbill takes young audiences on a musical journey that spans a vibrant spectrum of styles, from Baroque classics to the passionate rhythms of tango, the captivating melodies of Brazilian music, and the rich tapestry of European traditional folk tunes.

The program aims to deepen children’s understanding of fundamental musical concepts such as tempo (fast vs. slow), dynamics (loud vs. soft), and tessitura (high vs. low) by exploring these concepts within the broader theme of opposites.

Terra Voce’s performance is designed to surprise, uplift, and inspire curiosity among young listeners. They encourage active participation and ensure that students have a memorable and educational musical experience.

“Absolutely lovely assembly today provided by Terra Voce. I appreciated their thoughtfulness in reinforcing terms and concepts so vital to elementary music. They held the children’s attention – asking for good audience behavior when appropriate and allowing them to be loud kids at other times. So glad they came to our school.” – Gloria Howell, Oak Grove Elementary School

Musical Expression from Around the World

Middle School Program | Grades 6-8
Terra Voce’s “Musical Expression from Around the World” program is tailored for middle school students (Grades 6 to 8). During this interactive performance, students have the unique opportunity to explore a diverse range of global musical styles, composers, instruments, and even learn about potential careers in the field of music.

The program’s primary objective is to broaden the musical horizons of middle school students by introducing them to a rich tapestry of music from various cultures and traditions. Additionally, it encourages students to ask questions and actively engage with the performers.

Terra Voce’s performance style fosters a dynamic and interactive learning experience. Students can select musical selections, inquire about different musical elements, and gain insights into the world of music through engaging dialogue with the musicians.