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Choose from any 6 of our lesson guides that contain:

      • Information about the orchestra
      • Biographies of composers
      • Musical activities and lesson plans
      • Resources for further study

Take advantage of the corresponding Spotify playlist and you’ll have a complete musical unit all about the orchestra!

The Thrill of the Orchestra

Orchestras are Everywhere!

Music Around the World

Music in Motion

Music’s Many Moods

Instruments of the Orchestra

Dan Kuehl Violin
A.D. Herzel | Violin progress
Alexandra Leonetti Violin Progress
Allyson Goin Violin Progress
Anvi Patel's Violin Progress
Janet Wimmer's Violin Progress
Jon Roark Violin Progress
Kay Sutherland Violin Progress
Kelly Prim Violin Progress
Ken Pease Violin Progress
Steven Kenny's Violin Progress